• We receive many enquiries from our clients requesting custom-made dispensers to be manufactured in accordance with their special and unique requests. Some clients seek dispensers very different from our normal and standard dispensers and ask for custom-made dispensers in different sizes (lengths, weights and volumes), different colors, different mechanisms and many other custom fitted requests.

    "You Dream We Develop"

    Custom Labeled Dispensers
    IDM manufactures and develops custom labeled dispensers for companies in the industry such as: Kellogg's, Unilever, Axa, Mollerens and many other companies who are looking to promote their brands. Companies all over the world use the dispensers as a brand promoting tool, as gifts for employees / important clients or for the purpose of reselling branded dispensers on to end-users. 

    Amongst our labeling options, you may choose to: Manufacture stickers with your company's name, logo, illustration and any other art work which is compatible with the sizes of the dispensers. You may also custom fit your own colors or brand the dispensers by using a special ink injection.

    Custom Design
    Design the dispensers in special and unique colors. We can design the different parts of the dispensers (plastic, metal) in a variety of different colors and textures in order to fit your specific enquiry. Many businesses make enquiries for dispensers with their company's identifying colors, enabling them to achieve the dispenser of their dreams. 

    Custom Size Dispensers
    We are able to develop and manufacture our dispensers in many different sizes and volumes in accordance your special requests. IDM enables its clients to control the storage capacity volume of their custom made dispensers. We are proud to be able to custom fit our dispensers with your specific need.

    Custom Mechanisms
    We design and manufacture unique mechanisms for our dispensers in order to meet our customer's exact vision. We believe in making sure that our dispensers are perfectly suited for dispensing a large variety of different foods in the most convenient way possible (Minimum order quantities may apply). For starters, it is important to listen to your needs in order to come up with the optimal solution for you and your business.
    Our specialty and passion is developing and manufacturing dispensers to fit your exact business needsWe will gladly assist you with your enquiry or request and look forward to your call.