Sugar Dispenser

IDM is proud to present the innovative product: Sugar dispenser.
Immaculately designed for beauty, precision and functionality, this dispenser is the only
product on the market destined specifically for work with sugar.
Years of research and development leaded toward creating a superbly designed
sugar dispenser that keeps moisture and air away in order to maintain the
special texture of the sugar. Moreover, the sugar-release system provides
meticulous amount control. The dispensers are durable and user friendly. IDM
sugar dispenser had been developed for the commercial market and for home use. Customers are able to dispense on top of sugar a variety of ingredients such as: coffee powder, regular coffee flour, spices, and more. The sugar dispenser is ideally for use in companies, commercial settings, cafeterias and other catering environments
that uses self service buffets.
*The sugar dispenser is identical to the coffee dispenser but differ in its internal release system.In order time it is highly important to emphasize which canister is destined for sugar and which for coffee.