"Our prime focus is customizing our products to meet our clients' specific needs"

Our Values

Innovation -
Constantly introducing new developments in order to meet the growing and changing needs of our clientele.

Go Green -
Promoting waste reduction and eliminating the need for boxes and bags that hurt the environment.

Design -
Bringing beauty and elegance to businesses and homes, in every corner of the world.

Functionality -
Saving time, eliminating waste and bringing better cost efficiency to homes and commercial settings.

Hygiene - 
Making sure that dirty hands never come in contact with the food we eat ourselves and serve to others.

Our Moto - "Being committed in heart and mind in everything we do"

IDM dry food dispensers are the perfect solution in the catering business and have created a real revolution amongst thousands of users.

Our dry food dispensers are manufactured with strong and high-quality materials. The dry food dispensers are durable and robust, easy-to-use and popular in the commercial industry. The dispensers are subjected to a strict control process before being released to the market. Spearheading developments in the field, we are constantly creating new innovations to satisfy our customers' discriminating needs.

IDM dry food dispensers enable an establishment to serve food in an aesthetic, convenient and fresh manner without allowing people’s hands to come in contact with the food. Our dry food dispensers are the perfect solution for the retail and wholesale market. The dispensers can store a large variety of dry foods such as: grains, salad bar toppings, candy, coffee beans, snacks and many others.