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Designed for functionality and convenience, our patented dispensers provide the optimal solution for the display and dispensing of dry foods.IDM dispensers bestow beauty, style and versatility to every breakfast buffet. The commercial dispensers are economical and offer self-service that is attractive, safe, secure and sanitary. They are optimal for catering environments such as hotels, restaurants, schools and universities that want to offer an elegant buffet in which the cereals are kept fresh and hygienic.
The commercial product range lead to retail demand for smaller cereal dispensers. We also offer a variety of models for the mass market.The home cereal dispenser puts an end to unsealed boxes and mess on the counter. It is the perfect dispenser for the modern yet very functional kitchen.

The home cereal dispenser is easy to use and clean.Not only for breakfast, IDM dispensers are used in a variety of catering, restaurant and retail settings, both behind the counter and self-serve: in bars and pubs for salty snacks, in salad bars for toppings, at dessert tables for candies and ice cream toppings, and for retail display and dispensing of teas, coffee beans, candies, granolas, nuts and more.

IDM dispensers are the best solution for your foodservice needs.Enjoy our manufacturer-direct prices!


Hcd 303P

  • Stainless steel stand and 3 matching trays
  • Three Clear SAN plastic containers
  • Metal taps (coated chrome)
  • Hanging option
  • Lift-off tops
  • Capacity: 3.5 Lt. each container
  • Size: 47 x 15 x 45h cm
  • Weight: 7.5 Kg

Versatile: Ideal for bars, Cafeterias and home use
Handy: Full control over the amount you desire
Safe: Does not alter or damage food particles
Hermetically sealed: Preserves freshness for longer periods of time
Economical: Avoids waste and spills
Convenient: Very easy to clean.