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  • Owning a food truck has many perks but it also has a very obvious downside – space, or the lack of space, compared to a restaurant. So, here are 3 things great food truck owners always do that help them save some space.

    1. Upper Cabinets
    One of the most common problems that food truck owners experience is how to store all the different ingredients for the food they serve to their customers, that don’t require refrigerating. Ingredients such as canings, sauce jars, breads, and more, can take a lot of space at your food truck and that is why adding upper cabinets to your truck can help you better organize it, while making some more room in order to move around and prepare your food more quickly, especially during rush hours.

    2. Dry Food Dispensers
    Whether it is for your salad toppings or for your spices – having wall mounted dry food dispensers can be a great way to store a selection of ingredients and keep them fresh at the same time. Furthermore, both the wall mounted spice dispensers and the salad toppings dispensers are easy to use, which means you’ll be able to quickly dispense the exact amount of toppings or spices that you need, without making any mess. In other words, your way into a cleaner and more spacious food truck begins with dry food dispensers.


    3. Roof Rack
    Roof rack is a great addition to your food truck that will allow you to carry any additional stuff you need in order to provide your customers with not only great food, but with excellent service as well. Whether you need chairs in order to provide sitting arrangements for your customers, tables, cooking equipment, or any other extras you may need in order to create great food – this is surely the perfect solution for you. You can also find roof racks that offer locking options, so you won’t need to worry about anything falling off during driving or about anything being stolen.