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  • It’s rush hour again. Your customers are lining up at your service counter as they're waiting to receive their food, and your staff needs to work as fast as they can to provide each and every customer with their order - quickly. Whether it is a salad bar at lunchtime or an ice cream parlor on a busy afternoon, when it comes to running an eatery – you need to provide the fastest service possible, without compromising on the quality of your food. That is why we’ve gathered 4 tips that will help you save and manage time at your eatery, even better than before.

    1. Be prepared – one of the first things you can do in order to save time, is ask your staff to prepare some of the food before the rush hour begins. Sure, every owner wishes to serve their customers with the freshest food possible, but you may find out that some of the ingredients at your eatery can be prepared in advanced without harming the food’s quality.
    2. Use a dry food dispenser – another way that will help you manage time efficiently at your place is placing and using food dispensers. Whether you use a salad topping dispenser for your salad bar or an ice cream dry toppings dispenser at your ice cream parlor – either way, a dry food dispenser can help your service personnel save time on serving and measuring the portions and also on cleaning the counter after they serve the customers. Thanks to the portion control mechanism which is installed in each dispenser you'll be able to dispense the exact amount of dry food you need for each and every dish that is served.
    3. Organize your employees – assign each employee with a specific role in your eatery – one will cut the vegetables, one will be in charge of dispensing toppings, and another will be in charge of plating. When each and every one of your employees knows exactly what they’re doing – things will go a lot faster and it can help you prevent a total chaos at the workplace.