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  • Every hotel owner wishes to provide their guests with the best experience there is. After all, the majority of your guests come to the hotel as part of their vacation and therefore wishes to have the opportunity to relax and unwind a little bit from their taxing daily routine. Furthermore, even if some of your guests arrive as part of a business trip, they would still like to enjoy the finest service and amenities possible. In order to help you provide the best service there is, here’s a list of 4 things that are important to your hotel’s guests.

    1. Cleaning and Maintenance – probably the thing most of your guests hold in highest regard is receiving clean and well-maintained room, public spaces, and public facilities. No one wants to stay in dirty surroundings, let alone sleep in it. This includes making sure the sheets and towels are properly washed and changed every time a new guest arrives to the room, that the electricity (lights, television, etc.) is working properly, and that the room appears nice and welcoming.
    2. Fresh Breakfast – many of your guests probably choose (and pay) to start their day at your breakfast buffet, which means they rightfully expect to receive fresh ingredients from which they can create their favorite breakfast. One way to ensure your food is kept as fresh as possible, is using a dry food dispenser or a cereal dispenser for your dry food or cereals. This can also help you create an elegant display as well and save valuable room at your breakfast buffet.  

    3. A Helpful Staff - when people choose to stay at a hotel for a few days away from home – they’re going to have some requests and maybe some questions. This can vary from “Can you send some extra towels to our room?” to “How can we get to the main street?”, your hotel’s staff needs to be well–trained and even eager to help and answer any request and question in a polite and helpful manner.
    4. A Safety Deposit Box in Every Room – from passports to money – while your guests are traveling, they carry many important documents with them. Taking those documents outside with them every time they leave the hotel could be risky and definitely inconvenient, so having a safety deposit box in each room can allow them to keep their precious things safe – with no worries, and to think better of your hotel.