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  • Since its invention, cereal has been an integral part of daily life in the US, both culturally and commercially. Its fast and easy preparation and nutritious features have granted it a place of honor in almost every kitchen and self-service business. Nowadays, as technology keeps taking huge leaps forward, you can find cutting edge cereal dispensers decorating houses and businesses. And now, with IDM's cereal dispensers' brand-new feature, free flow, dispensers take yet another giant leap into the future.
    History in the making

    Ever wondered how cereal became America's favorite breakfast? Apparently, the answer to that lies far back in the past. It was in 1863 that James Caleb Jackson has used graham flour dough to invent a breakfast cereal. However, since manufacturing techniques back then weren’t what they are today, the dried dough that was broken into different shapes was so hard that it wasn’t edible. Instead, it had to be soaked in milk during the night, and then eaten in the morning. Cereal & milk – the perfect combination!

    Stepping into the future

    Things have changed a lot since this crude invention has assumed its present form and diversity and has taken over most of America's homes. Today, we find cereal boxes almost everywhere and it's considered as one the most famous foods in the world, especially in the USA. But time doesn’t stop for anyone. Cereal brands are evolving and we must keep up. They continue to develop more nutritious, more diverse cereals than ever before and our job is to stay relevant and offer ever more convenient and efficient means for storing, presenting, and dispensing them while maintaining all of their advantages and nutritious benefits.
    IDM's cereal dispensers

    Beautifully designed, easy to clean and user-friendly, IDM's cereal dispensers are the answer for storing, presenting and dispensing cereals of all kinds and varieties while keeping them fresh, hygienic and tasty. No more boxes upon boxes in your store or home kitchen, no more spills and waste. Now is the time for elegant dispensers with the special free flow feature that allows you to enjoy ideal portion control capabilities for maximum ease and comfort.