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  • Buying in bulk and zero-waste shopping have been here for a while and as it seems they are here to stay for the long run. As the awareness to plastic pollution rises around the globe it was always inevitable and necessary to find a way to reduce the use of plastic to a minimum. We are still far from perfect, regarding pollution and the daily usage of plastic, but with the expansion of the zero-waste shopping trend we are getting closer.
    Buying in Bulk Saves You Money

    The bottom line is that aside from improving the global situation and decreasing the amount of plastic being thrown away, you also save money and waste less food. As a part of the global effort to fight plastic pollution, there are many countries that enacted a law requires supermarkets to ask their customers to pay for the plastic bags they use when shopping.

    The idea is to encourage people to bring their own reusable bags from home, instead of using the plastic bags. In zero-waste stores, as many products as possible are available to purchase in bulk. This means you would probably find different kinds of dry food stored in cloth bags and dispensers, such as IDM's dispensers. Oil and other liquids are stored in jars with spouts that allow you to take exactly how much you need.
    Using IDM's Dispensers to Upgrade Your Business

    IDM is the creator of a full line of dispensers, fitting different kinds of food and with a few different dispensing mechanics. When using IDM's dispensers, you are not only providing your customers with a beautiful and varied display of products, you are also allowing them to shop conveniently. IDM's dispensers are also a perfect storage solution, as they keep the product stored in them as fresh as possible.