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  • Many small to large companies today have a kitchen in the office, on every floor or for every department. For two decades, IDM has acquired vital knowledge in understanding the specific needs of such businesses, crafting dry food dispensing products that are especially quick to serve and easy to maintain. So whether it's just coffee and sugar, or cereals and jelly beans, your customers and employees will be delighted with the fresh and convenient serving experience that IDM offers.

    IDM features a variety of models for companies and businesses of all sizes. Known for our clean, modern design, we offer products in various shapes, sizes and colors, to match any kitchen theme or environment while exhibiting the food in a most presentable way. Years of experience, research and experimentation have led to most hygienic product designs that also maintain the shape, integrity and freshness of foods. Serving is intuitive and convenient with the hands never touching the foods at any given moment.

    We offer a variety of models to fit your kitchenette counter or mount on walls. Our free-standing dispensers make a quick ready-made solution for various offices and agencies. With food preservation in mind, our products come in different size containers and portion-controlled dispensing mechanisms designed to eliminate food waste altogether. While serving, users go through a pleasant and simple click or swivel experience that brings the best out of the food they are about to eat in just the right portion.