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  • Having spices sold in your supermarket or any other kind of business can be messy, and some business owners give up on selling this kind of products as a result of that. Also, costumers sometimes avoid buying spices and herbs that sit out in open storage containers, because they think that someone might have touched them or that they are not fresh anymore. All of this is about to change for your business using a simple yet innovative solution.

    Storing Your Products in Dispensers

    With a very simple change, you can store and sell fresh spices, herbs, dry foods and other ingredients. Using IDM's modern and innovative dispensing solutions, you can have your products sorted out and stored in a beautiful display of colors.
    IDM's dispensers will keep your products as fresh as possible, to your costumers' liking.
    IDM's dispensers will allow you to keep your business cleaner and more spacious, as you will save a lot of room using a display of wall mounted dispensers, or just a single line of dispensers that will store all possible products. With a user-friendly portion control mechanism, your costumers will have no problem using the dispensers as a convenient means of self-service.

    Modernize Your Business

    With IDM's dispensers, you can put your supermarket or store on the map. You will find that costumers are very satisfied when simple dispensing solutions are available, and when they can tell for sure that the products are kept clean and fresh. If this is something that you consider for your business, visit our website for the full line-up of dispensers we manufacture.