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  • Are you looking for a beautifully designed and easy to use commercial candy dispenser for your hotel’s breakfast buffet to make the little ones happy? Or how about a snack dispenser for your restaurant bar that will help your bartender serve each guest with delicious snacks to go beside their drink? Well, here in IDM we have a suggestion for you – you stop looking, and we’ll tell you more about the benefits of our countertop dispensers!

    How Fresh!

    One of the main things your guests will remember after visiting your restaurant and experiencing the food that was served to them from our commercial food dispensers – is how fresh everything was. Our countertop dispenser will make sure that any type of food that is kept inside will remain fresher (and by that, tastier) for a longer period of time. But there is more to our dry food dispensers than just fresh food. Our dispensers guarantee that each type of food your employees or guests serve remains complete and unharmed while serving. That’s right – no more broken pieces of grains or cereal spilling all over the place and making a mess both in your guest’s bowl and in your restaurant.

    How Stylish!

    Here at IDM, we like to look at small details as well at the bigger picture. The bigger picture being your restaurant and the small (but important) detail is our customized food dispensers. With multiple colors, capacities, designs, and sizes, you can truly make IDM’s countertop dispenser - you own.