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  • The best things come in pairs… and so do our double click dispensers! It's time to move forward to a world where keeping your various options of dry food fresh and tasty is no longer a headache. It is time to move on to IDM’s double click dispensers!

    Double the Click, Double the Taste

    Having fresh food at your business is more than just a nice touch for your guests. It is an advantage you can now have over your competitors thanks to IDM’s double click dry food dispensers. Our dispensers will keep your food so fresh, that your restaurant will soon become synonym for “freshness”. Not to mention that once our dispensers start working their magic by making everything fresher – the food will also taste magical.

    Two Click Away

    Whether it is a snack dispenser for your hotel's dinning room or a tea dispenser for your coffee place – With IDM’s double click dispensers, not only will your guests get exactly what they want but your employees can also pour the right portions, which could result in saving money. In other words, with IDM’s double click dispensers you are basically two clicks away from making your restaurant more efficient. It is time to say goodbye to wasted food and a messy restaurant, because with just two clicks – you get precisely the amount you need. So why not give us a call today and let our double click dispensers do all the work for you?