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  • If water bars inspire kids to drink more water and teddy-bear shaped vitamins and sugar flavored syrup motivate them to take their medicine, IDM has the solution to encourage your kids to eat.

    IDM's Magic

    You know what it's like when kids come home from school and they won't eat a hot meal, and they watch TV and won't eat their fruits and veg, and it's already bath time and they haven't eaten anything except cereal. With the IDM dispenser on your kitchen counter you'll have no trouble persuading them to eat a variety of foods, even if it's only cereal.

    IDM Cereal Dispensers

    Your kid eats nothing but cereal. Cereal for breakfast, cereal for lunch and cereal for dinner. You can buy really healthy cereal mixtures these days, with much less sugar, and if your kid is only eating cereal during the day, at least make it a healthy one.

    Fill up your IDM dispenser with the healthy cereal you've just brought and place it on your kitchen counter. It'll look good there and will entice the kid to check it out. It's fun with the IDM 'click dispenser' and you'll be sure that he gets a good portion. You set the amount and there'll be no spills or waste. Your kids will think that they're in charge, but you've set the amount ahead of time to give the precise portion. 

    Your IDM dispenser can be filled with branflakes, porridge oats, and even cheerios in every color imaginable. With the IDM dispenser on your kitchen counter with its fun-packed, colorful appearance, your kids will go straight for it. IDM's dispenser will keep the cereal fresh and tasty. And don’t forget that your IDM dispenser is there to get your kids to eat, (even if it is only cereal).