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  • This is the age of the internet, and with it comes a multitude of trends, especially regarding food. People have always had an interest in cooking, baking and creating different kinds of food. With the constant connection and availability of information about anything and everything, it was inevitable that eventually the food business will take over the internet, with countless sites, social media pages and YouTube channels.
    Everything Food Goes Viral

    During the last decade more and more food videos got uploaded to a variety of platforms across the internet, with the main ones being YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. People seemed to really like this kind of content, that showed how to cook or presented reviews for restaurants and different products.


    Over the years, we have witnessed how those instructional cooking videos evolved, and became a part of our social feed. With YouTube channels such as Tasty, that uploads numerous instructional videos for recipes of all kinds. This specific channel's way of editing, makes all the recipes seem simple and doable, which is what makes it so popular, aside from the food looking amazing.
    Try It on Your Own

    In this era, anyone can go viral. If you wish to hop on the YouTube train or any other platform you can upload food content too, it is far from impossible. You will need some basic gear, which you probably have already with your smartphone or other devices. In our time it is very simple to put a video together, from videoing to editing and then uploading it, the process is very easy and accessible.

    You will also need some cooking gear, of course. IDM's dispensers can come in handy in this situation, if you're shooting a video about ice cream for example. Imagine the close-up shot of candies being slowly dispensed on top of an ice cream cone, right out of an IDM dispenser. This tip was for free, the rest is up to you, so get out there and join the food era!