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  • Please note that all information given on this page is in order to simplify your trading process with IDM. None of this information is meant to replace the option of contacting an IDM team member directly, should you have any additional questions.

  • IDM ships worldwide. All of our shipments can arrive via air freight, by land or by sea transportation. Delivery type is determined by urgency of the delivery and by the size /volume of the goods that need to be delivered.  Our customers are welcome to select their preferred delivery method with every order they make.

    IDM works with serval courier companies (DHL, DPD, EMS) for optimal service delivered directly to your front door. After your order is processed and shipped out, you will receive full shipment tracking information that will allow you to track your parcel. 

  • Depending on your specific location, shipment times will vary for different areas around the world. Regardless of where you are, your shipment should arrive within approximately 10 business days after your payment has cleared (air freight).
    Delivery by air freight: 10 business days (Worldwide)
    Delivery by land (courier): 2-4 business days (European countries)
    Delivery by sea: 14-30 business days (Depending on location)
    For further questions: Please contact IDM to find out exact delivery time for your location.

  • All of IDM's dispensers are built from materials of the highest quality. The dispensers are robust, durable and especially designed in order to endure frequent use. The dispensers require little to none maintenance time. When used properly, the dispensers are built to last over a decade!

  • The IDM website is very informative and provides you with all of the information that you need. You are welcome to visit our "Suggested Applications" section for the dispenser of your choice and verify compatibility of your specific food.

    In any case, we are happy to answer any further questions you may have in regards to suggested applications, product information and proper usage of IDM's dispensers.

  • IDM's dispensers are 100% food certified and are fully authorized for handling foods.

  • IDM offers a wide range of dispensers for hundreds of different food and powder types. 
    Our general recommendations are as follows:
    • Pro Serv - Dry Food Dispensers |Choose between a 6 wing or 12 wing butterfly mechanism

    6 Wing- Ideal for standard sized dry foods: Standard cereal, granola, candy, health foods, coffee beans etc.
    12  Wing – Optimal for delicate fine foods:  Small toppings like sprinkles, very fine cereal, rice peas etc.
    • Pro Portion| Standard mechanism:30 CC portions
    Available Custom Made mechanisms: 15-35 CC Portions
    • Click Dispenser| Choose between 1 Tsp. (5 CC) and 1/2 Tsp. (2.5 CC) with every click. Please also select sugar/coffee mechanism type for this model(see Click Dispenser website product page for further details)
    You are, of course, more than welcome to contact an IDM representative for any additional questions about portion sizes and requirements.
    *Custom made enquiries should be discussed with an IDM specialist in order to clarify requirements, special needs and production costs.

  • IDM's dispensers are extremely durable and are designed for frequent use. Should you encounter a malfunction in the use of the dispensers, please contact us right away. It is important to us to understand exactly what the problem is and solve it right away. Please read the instructional manual supplied in your packaging in order to avoid misusage of the dispensers, as this is the reason for most malfunctions that occur.
    IDM is always available for spare parts or consultation of any kind. 

  • Upon making your custom made dispenser enquiry, it is important that you speak to an IDM team member so that we can fully understand your needs and requirements. In order to begin turning your vision into reality, we must make sure that we fully understand each other and that you get exactly what you had in mind. After your exact needs are crystal clear, we will begin the development process and keep you fully up to date, on all of the different production times and stages.
    *Please keep in mind that Custom Made enquiries require a Minimum Order Quantity in order to be economical.

  • All of IDM's deliveries come with a detailed instructional manual which has all the information that you need in regards to assembling and cleaning your dispensers.

    The dispensers are fully dishwasher safe and are very easy to clean. We recommend cleaning them periodically in order to maintain hygiene and freshness of foods. Please note that IDM's Click dispenser's mechanism is not meant to be washed with water. Please clean the mechanism with a wet cloth or in a dry fashion (as instructed in the product manual).

  • The IDM product line is duty free.
    However, customs rules and regulations vary from country to country. These taxes are a consequence of trading agreements between countries and of inner governmental policy. From our experience, most customers are only required to pay the local V.A.T charges since international deliveries are all V.A.T excluded.

    If you are unfamiliar with the rules and regulations in your country, please contact your local customs office for further information.

  • All orders are final and are non- refundable. Should you wish to change a dispenser model to a different one, prior to shipment leaving, you will be able to do so, providing your requested model is in stock. 

  • IDM does not have a free/discounted sample policy. Businesses will be fully reimbursed for their initial sample costs, during their second order.

  • Currently IDM services clients in over 60 countries around the world. You are welcome to contact us in order to see if there is a local IDM agent in your country.
    Regardless, you are always welcome to contact the IDM main office and your enquiry will be dealt with in the best way possible.

  • IDM's online store is especially designed to be convenient, informative and easy to use. We are glad to offer the following catalogue models for online purchasing, shipped directly to your front door.
    • Available online: All Pro Serve models.
    ​All other models are under special trading terms. To find out purchasing regulation in your specific location, please contact us.

  • All of our dispensers are especially designed in order to maintain optimal freshness levels of foods and powders.
    It is difficult to estimate an exact time frame of recommended storage periods due to the hundreds of different food types and varying climates in different areas around the world.
    However, our rough assessment is that standard dry foods, stored in our Pro- Serve series, maintain freshness for up to a 40 day period.
    *Please note that while using our powder dispensers ( Click dispensers and Pro Portion), powders maintain freshness for very long time periods, significantly  exceeding 40 days.