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  • Frozen yogurt has been a part of Americans' life since the 20th century. Since then, many retailers offered the product to benefit first with neighborhood kids and their parents and afterwards in order to expand their service to wider audiences in cinemas and other venues. Not only that, but retailers have constantly improved and perfected their frozen yogurt by adding various toppings to it, that now, come with the perfect topping dispenser.
    A cold, frozen treat

    It may look like ice cream but it's actually not. Some say it’s a kind of tart and others a frozen dessert. Whatever it is, the majority of people will agree that frozen yogurt is a sweet cold treat that pleases many all over the US on a daily basis. Allowing endless possibilities and what seems like an endless variety of flavors, it has soon become extremely popular all over the world and in the USA in particular.

    Relatively low on fat, frozen yogurt is an absolute icy treat which is healthy as well as delicious. Some shops even offer self-service options which actually provide a more pleasing experience to shoppers. Not only do they literally create their own dessert by mixing the different fruit, flavors and colors, they also add their favorite toppings to make their creation that much more interesting and to make their mouths water in anticipation.

    Add value by adding toppings

    There is no doubt that the added toppings will add value not only to the customers but to you, the retailer, as well. Want to know how? Check IDM's frozen yogurt topping dispensers. With an elegant design and innovative features like the Multi-X and click topping, this dispenser is a definite winner for all shops and retailers!

    Efficiency in every feature

    The Multi-X feature allows you to control the size and portion of specific toppings you want to pour on your frozen yogurt and the click topping feature allows you to use a special mechanism with a simple click that releases the precise amount of toppings you're interested in. This means your customers can enjoy their very own personal experience without causing mess and waste in your shop. It also means no hands are required to touch the toppings so hygiene is kept at high levels. Our innovative devices also preserve stored foods fresh for longer periods of time, also reducing waste and increasing cost-efficiency.

    It's time to create magic with IDM's frozen yogurt topping dispensers. Contact us today.