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  • We want to let you in on a little secret, snacks can be healthy. Yes, we have a recipe for a healthy snack made with all kinds of nuts and dates. This is what you're going to need for about 40 units:

    • 200g of English walnuts
    • 100g of almonds
    • 100g of sesame
    • 100g of cashew nuts
    • 250g of dates dough



    Make sure you have IDM's dispensers – they're the most convenient means to get exact amounts of dry foods and powders.
    1. Mix all ingredients together, take your time with this one as it might be a little tough to mix.
    2. Make a single large chunk out of the mixture and split it into two halves.
    3. Make two rolls out of the two chunks. Put each one in parchment paper and close them up on the sides. Freeze until you serve.
    4. Cut to pieces in your desired size.

    And this is it. A simple recipe for a great snack the will be both healthy and satisfying.