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  • Grocery shopping today is very different from how it used to be a decade ago, and more so further back. Every day we might wake up to a new trend that comes out of the blue and takes control over our social media feed. In the age of the internet, people are much more aware to different subjects that directly affect what they eat and what they shop for. A healthy lifestyle combined with plastic pollution awareness, creates specific needs that grocery stores are competing to fulfill.

    Grocery Shopping in 2018

    As said, the awareness to different global environmental issues has risen in the era of social media and instant information. This affected the grocery shopping industry and made supermarkets adjust themselves to the new requirements, expressed by their customers. To sum it up, people nowadays want to maintain a healthier lifestyle, alongside trying to save planet Earth and stop plastic pollution.


    Using IDM's Dispensers to Upgrade Your Business

    The desire to lead a healthier lifestyle means people wish to purchase more natural foods, and in amounts they can determine in each purchase they make. This is made possible with IDM's dispensers, as you can precisely control the portion IDM's dispensers dispense for different kinds of dry foods or ingredients.

    As to fighting plastic pollution, IDM's dispensers prove useful in this situation also. The dispensers are not only a great way to provide dry foods and ingredients in bulk, but they are also the perfect storage solution. IDM's dispensers keep everything you store in them not only clean, but also as fresh as it can be.

    When you are adjusting your supermarket or store to fit these latest trends, IDM's dispensers provide a wonderful and elegant solution that can be easily accessed and appreciated by your costumers.