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  • In today's modern, cut-throat business world, every business owner looks for a competitive edge. Whether you own a large supermarket, a restaurant, or a candy store IDM has a variety of innovative storage and presentation solutions for a wide range of businesses, aimed at meeting demanding efficiency and hygiene standards. Our dispensers easily fit any kind of cereal, coffee, candy, or spice, and are specifically designed to maximize storage capacity, dispensing efficiency and precision, and products' freshness while keeping your counters shining and your product consumption and waste ideal.
    Organization and Storage

    When you sell or offer cereal or candy, you always take into consideration expected loss due to spills, spoils, waste, oversized portions, mess that needs cleaning both on counters and on the floor, and a myriad of other problems and considerations. The good news is that by developing ingenious customized dispensing solutions for consumables, like the wall mounted cereal dispenser, we allow businesses to overcome such challenges with an easy to use mechanism that is cleverly displayed as well. Our clever design allows for optimal space usage and for longer lasting freshness, without compromising on unique eye-catching displays. IDM provides storage solutions for diverse products such as dry food dispensers, protein powder dispensers, and even jelly bean dispensers to allow convenient ways to organize, store, and present each and every product.

    Cleanliness & Hygiene

    Our state-of-the-art dispensers are designed for superb precision. Options like portion control dispensers, commercial candy dispensers, or industrial powder dispensers offer an accurate solution for all quantities alike preventing waste, reducing costs, and boosting productivity and efficiency, benefiting the owner of any business.  But more importantly, as every foodservice business owner knows, hygiene is a golden standard that must be fully and continuously met. IDM's dispensers are designed to keep products fresh in highly hygienic conditions. With precise disposal proportions, the dispensers are designed to prevent spills and mess that require further maintenance and effort by users. These factors are crucial to secure the product's hygiene quality and its environment clean and low-maintenance