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  • The truth is that we probably could have searched the world and wouldn’t have found someone who doesn’t like candy. But when it comes to branding your candy store, you can’t just rely on the candies you sell. You need to make sure that the way you design your store will not only attract people in, but will also help you make your store a household name. In other words – use your store's design as a branding opportunity. How? By following these few simple steps.

    Pick Your Brand’s Colors

    One of the most important things about branding in general is designing your logo. Now, you might already have a nice logo for your store, but that's just not enough. You need to design your entire store according to its logo and branding, and that is especially relevant when we're talking about the colors that will dominate your store’s design. Creating a colorful design is nice, but choosing two or three main colors based on the company's branding and logo – is better.

    Use A Custom Candy Dispenser

    Anything in your store is a part of your store’s design. Meaning, anything at your store is also a part of your brand, including your commercial candy dispensers. So why not customize your candy dispensers with your logo? Whether you choose a bulk bin candy dispenser or a wall mounted candy dispenser for your variety of jelly beans and sprinkles – a candy dispenser carrying your store’s logo and colors can strengthen your store’s branding as your customers will perceive it, all the while keeping your candies fresh and sweet!
    Gift Bags and Packaging

    Just like you don’t need to ask for the store’s name once you get a ring–size blue box, which is affiliated with one of the biggest jewelry companies in the world, that’s how you need to make sure that once your customers get a gift bag or a package bag from your store as a present – they will know immediately that it came from your store. From colors to logo, make sure that each gift bag or package that leaves your store – carries your store’s branding.