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  • Ice cream topping – the most important part of any delicious looking ice cream. It simply isn’t perfect without it. When it comes to food, the inventions that compete with ice cream's widespread success are few. Everybody loves changing and mixing their ice cream with different flavors, colors and mixtures, and to treat themselves to different toppings as well. But when it comes to dispensing such toppings without losing half to expecting ants on the floor, a need for a better system is evident. Whether for private or commercial use, IDM has changed the world of dispensing.
    It begins with love

    Many people love ice cream, and it's difficult not to. After all, it's a colorful, frozen, fruity, sweet piece of art that's considered by children and adults alike as a playground of flavors and tastes. The process of choosing the right ice cream in your favorite ice cream parlor begins with the heart. You don’t just eat it, you relish in it.

    Continues with creation

    In the USA, ice cream is one of the most popular foods ever. Served in shops, restaurants and even private homes, it has become the cold sweet snack or dessert that everyone just loves to create and lick. And when it comes to adding toppings, there's no greater fun than unleashing your gastronomical creativity. Chocolate chips, candies, nuts or sprinkles - everything goes. And it’s a lot of fun, too! But is there a solution for dispensing the toppings on top of your tasty ice cream without a mess? Without spills and waste?
    IDM's ice cream topping dispenser

    It's a good thing you've asked, since the answer is: "Yes! A thousand times yes!"
    Why use your hands when you can use ice cream topping dispensers? IDM has developed the perfect, most elegantly designed topping dispenser, relying on cutting edge technology to keep the toppings fresh and ready for use any time. This multi-portion (multix), click topping dispenser is a one of a kind innovative tool that is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to love, making shops and restaurants look elegant and futuristic. Like ice cream? You would love IDM's topping dispensers.