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Model Description - Wall Mounted #Item Specifications
HMPC1-5L Single "MultiX" Wall Mounted 5L 6671-1-50 15Lx15Wx46H cm
HMPC2-1.5L Double Multi-X Wall Mounted 2.3Lt  9977-2-50 32Lx15Wx24H cm
Model Description - Free Standing #Item Specifications
DMPC1-1.5L SIngle "Multi-X" Free Standing 1.5Lt 6617-1-50 16Lx20Wx35H cm

There's a lot being said about the health advantages and cultural aspects of tea drinking, but before we can enjoy having it, we need to dispense it properly. IDM has developed the world's most advanced and elegant loose tea dispensers, which are marketed around the globe to change the way you contain such a delicate product.

Our tea dispensers are perfectly designed to keep the raw material isolated from contacting air and humidity, so you can store your mixture and keep it as fresh as it was when you first got it. As tea fans, you're probably aware of the sensitive nature of these leaves, as the nutritious and unique characteristics of it must be preserved properly. Not only are our tea dispensers technologically designed to ensure full protection of the stored ingredients, but they also have that slick and elegant décor, which enhances the tea drinking experience, at a catered event, a tea shop, a coffee bar, or even at the privacy of your own kitchen.

Having tea is like having a relaxing quiet moment to yourself, and so the sip must be perfect. How do you keep it in perfect condition? By containing it with our exquisite wall mounted dispensers. The design of our innovative product line combines visionary grace and top notch functionality, retro feature alongside a modern operation mechanism. Now you have the option to contain various tea infusions, such as Tisanes (herbal or floral infusions), Black Tea, Green Tea, and White Tea. IDM enables retailers, buyers, and commercial market professionals of the food serving industry, to enjoy a safe and hygienic way to dispense tea leaves. So, the next time you stroll towards the coffee and tea station, above your counter or at the service stand at an event, you will get to choose your tea with style.

Loose Tea Dispenser
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