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  • There are many different styles of martial arts. From Judo to Karate, from Krav Maga to Aikido, the options for you to choose from are virtually endless. It is widely agreed that martial arts are good for the mind, body and soul, and when combined with protein after a hard training session, the recovery and feeling are even better and faster. Run a dojo? Inspire your trainees with super protein dispensers.
    A Way of Life

    All martial arts lovers will agree that it is a way of life. Not only does it help you protect yourself from physical threats but it also builds your self-esteem and gives you confidence in your ability in everyday life. Studying martial arts is a journey in itself where the practitioner gets discipline and sees their improvement from week to week. Some martial arts are more spiritual than others like Aikido. Some are more street oriented like Krav Maga. Whatever style the trainee chooses, he also chooses a dojo and a teacher.

    Built to Inspire

    Many practitioners see their martial art teacher as a role model and an inspiration, and rightfully so. After years of hard training they've finally earned their credentials and managed to teach their craft to the public. Now the public wants to experience not only the art itself and its technique but also the energy of the teacher through the dojo and its facilities. Plan the dojo carefully and take it up a notch with another inspiration.
    IDM's Protein Dispensers

    After a hard training session, display IDM’s innovative protein dispensers for all your trainees. The dispensers are beautifully designed and are user friendly. Wall-mounted or free standing, this “click dispenser” will make all the difference from other dojos and grant your dojo with a stylish look including a perfect adjustable dispensing mechanism while keeping stored contents fresh and hygienic.
    Martial arts dojos are built to inspire. IDM's protein dispensers will help them achieve that goal.