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  • Whether you own an ice cream parlor or a tea shop, you probably already know that keeping your dry food dispensers clean can sometimes feel like an impossible task, not to mention all the spilled food that goes to waste, costing you more money on refills. But things don’t always have to be messy. In fact, when you have an IDM dispenser that allows you to dispense a measured portion, your life can become a lot easier.

    Give Your Customers Exactly What They Need

    Letting your customers control the amount of food they dispense and enjoy a measured portion can benefit not only your customers by allowing them to receive the exact size of portion they need, but also your store as well. Say goodbye to the days of spilled food and wasted money – with IDM's dry food dispensers your customers save you money, while they enjoy a beautiful and appealing presentation. IDM’s dispensers will also help you keep the food fresher and full of flavor – yet another benefit for your customers to enjoy.

    Measured Portion for Customers' Pleasure

    Do you need a colorful commercial candy dispenser for your candy store or an elegant office powder dispenser for your restaurant that will be good looking but also offer measured portions? No problem! With the help of our professional team here at IDM, you can customize your dispenser with many colors, sizes, designs, and capacities to choose from! Just tell us how you want your IDM dispenser to look and we’ll make it happen! Call us now!