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Natural foods are best when kept in their natural state
. Those who appreciate natural foods find it only natural to use IDM's food dispensers. That's the best way to ensure lasting freshness alongside the preservation of the natural foods' many benefits; and to ensure high levels of hygiene alongside efficiency thus contributing to waste reduction and spillage prevention. Let us help you enjoy nature at its best.

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Model Description - Wall Mounted #Item Specifications
H70 "Pro Serv" Wall Mounted 4.5Lt  9975-7-50 98Lx16Wx55H cm
DH70 "Pro Serv" Wall Mounted 5Lt 9971-7-50 110Lx15.5Wx50H cm
Model Description - Free Standing #Item Specifications
HCD303 Triple "Pro Serv" Stainless Steel 3.5Lt 9914-3 47Lx15Wx45H cm
ACD50 "Pro Serv": Free Standing 4.5Lt 9915-5-50 70Lx28Wx71H cm
D50 "Pro Serv" Free Standing 5Lt 9911-5-50 82Lx28Wx65H cm
ACD30 Triple "Pro Serv": Free Standing 4.5Lt 9915-3-50 43Lx28Wx71H cm
Having a rich variety of natural food ingredients requires us to contain it in a manner which will maintain the freshness and texture in high quality conditions. How can you ensure that such an environment exists in order to keep natural foods in their best condition?

That`s right – with dry food dispensers, devised relying on high-end technology and advanced engineering development. IDM`s dry food dispensers are suitable for your private home use and of course for commercial needs as well, serving caterers, kitchen office requirements, and expert shops all together. The possibilities of dispensing dry foods are endless, as our containers are designed in a unique and aesthetic manner that elegantly showcases the dispensers. No more cardboard boxes or plastic cans sitting on the table, but a clean-cut elegant design that will complement your décor and decorate your walls or counters.

Every great hosting is measured not only by the foods that are served to the guests, but also by how they are presented and served. It is a well known fact that people first eat with their eyes. So the best way you, as a host, a caterer, or a shop owner, can serve natural foods simply and conveniently, is by using IDM`s modern dry food dispensers. Now you can contain foods such as pecans, cashew, nuts, peanuts, seeds, peas, common beans, and practically all cereal brands, in various dispensing models.

So, when you are about to sit down and have your refreshing breakfast, you can choose if you want to add some nourishing oatmeal flakes or some sweet and healthy granola mixture to your plate. Your whole meal can look and feel like a real champion`s energy boost, as you add various extras to enrich your meal. Now, eating tasty and healthy is possible each day and in any kind of event you are hosting, with IDM`s dispensers.