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  • If the area around your dispensers in your store is always filled with spilled food that needs to be cleaned or if you find yourself spending too much money on wasted food - it’s probably time to start thinking on changing your dry food dispensers. It’s time to move on to IDM’s portion controlled dispensers and stop wasting food - and money.

    Get in Control with IDM’s Dispensers

    When you allow your customers to control the amount of food they wish to have while dispensing it – you also allow yourself more control over your business. You take back the control over your store’s appearance and hygiene and the time that was once spent on cleaning and premature refilling, can now be spent on other, more productive things. But mostly, you gain back the control over how much money is spent at the end of each month. IDM’s portion controlled dispensers give you all that – and much more.

    Control Your Dispenser Design

    In order for you to have the best storage and dispensing solution possible, IDM also invites you to choose your own custom design for your store's new dispensers. Whether it is a supplement dispenser for your gym or a snack dispenser for your bar – we will customize your dispenser according to the color, size, design, and capacity of your choice.

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