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  • A healthy and fit lifestyle is undeniably crucial if one wishes to properly maintain the greatest instrument one owns – our body. Therefore, pursuing healthy and fit living should be a priority to practically everyone, but it isn’t so easy when everyday life's fatigue and lack of time are part of the equation. IDM`s dispensers offer customers and businesses alike innovative solutions to save precious time, to efficiently organize dry foods, and to benefit from storage optimization, precise portion control, and from the ability to store essential sports products like protein shake powder and supplement powder.
    Organization and Proportions

    A significant part of maintaining a healthy life depends on our food choices. The quality and quantity of what we eat correlate with our well-being. With that said, being able to organized your food neatly and control proportions accurately help maintain healthy living and make things easier and less time consuming. IDM`s dispensers offer a wide variety of storage options for all foods spanning grain dispensers, dry topping dispensers, powder dispensers, and even double cereal dispensers. IDM`s cutting edge dispensers are also capable of portion control dispensing. Being able to store bulk food in an organized fashion without worrying about its freshness and control the precise disposal of your consumables, turns making wise meal choices easy.

    Sports Supplements

    Fitness is synonymous to healthy living and a key factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Supplements and shakes are a major part of fitness plans as they help tune and refine results of workouts and exercises. Amongst IDM`s solutions are powder supplement dispensers, wall mounted protein dispensers, and even industrial supplement dispensers. Our dispensers' highly precise mechanism ensures controlled portion disposal while reducing waste and costs. Ultimately, IDM`s innovative solutions allow efficient storage of powdered supplements compared to wasteful bags, as well as productive disposal that reduces waste and saves money.