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  • Every half decent gym trainer, body builder, or fitness coach knows that protein reconstructs the muscles after a hard workout. That is why most trainees choose to have a nice portion of protein powder in a tasty shake. When it comes to the retailers who sell protein powders at their shop, and who want to provide an excellent service for their clientele of trainees, they must present their goods in first class powder dispensers. Here’s how to do it.

    Make a choice

    As a supplements and protein powder shop owner, you should know that service is everything. So, when it comes to protein powders jugs, it is best presented in a beautiful display on the shelves in your shop for every client to see and choose from. But the variety is huge and includes many different flavors and colors. So how will the client know what to choose with such wide a selection?


    Give them a taste

    When you have IDM's protein powder dispensers, you don’t have to open a brand-new jug every time a customer wishes to have an example taste. IDM's powder dispensers are elegantly and efficiently designed and they also include a portion control click mechanism, allowing users to pour one portion at a time without harming the rest of its contents' quality or freshness. So, the next time a client asks for a taste, you know that's not a problem for you. The more tastes your clients get to try, the more they'll eventually buy.

    IDM's dispensers are suitable for all kinds of powders and include different settings, such as wall mounted or free standing options. One container or two containers, different shapes and sizes, IDM's protein powder dispensers will fit into your shop perfectly, easy to use and with an undeniably innovative touch. Just one click from the dispenser into a shaker, add a little water, shake it and hand it to the client, who will be amazed at your good service and amazing powder dispensers.