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  • Smoothie or smoothee or smoothy, no matter how it's spelled, everyone knows its sweet and delicious taste. This cold, thick, fruity, healthy beverage is a delight for anyone, whether they're 9 years old or 90.  Since the 1930’s, smoothies have played an important role in the US market, satisfying millions of drooling people ever since and providing livelihood for many business owners. If you serve smoothies in your business, flavor them with some delicious toppings. It will definitely impress your clients and provide added value compared to competitors.
    A Trend Since the 30’s

    Smoothies have gained popularity since the 1930's, mostly on the West Coast at first, and have continued watering peoples’ mouths all across the USA during the 1970’s and 1990’s. Since then, smoothies have become a widely, well-known, sweet and thick beverage that everyone knows and loves. Today, supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, health food stores and more, offer smoothies as their number one desert.

    Perfect Your Smoothie

    If you want to make your smoothies really special and unique, add the perfect toppings. Want some smoothie toppings ideas? Check these out: granola, chia seeds, walnuts and almond slivers, coconut sprinkles, pumpkin seeds, wholegrain cereal, pecans, cinnamon, dried bananas, dried fruit. We can go on and on. This will definitely make an impact on your customers.

    Want to impress them some more? Order today IDM’s smoothies topping dispensers available anywhere in the USA. With these cutting edge click-dispensers you will gain control over the exact portion of topping you want to serve on each smoothie. In addition, with the Multi-X special feature they offer, you will now be able to predefine several sizes of topping portions that will perfectly match the various sizes and options you offer.

    Whatever topping you decide to serve on your smoothies, it is your chance to step into the future with IDM’s smoothies topping dispensers USA.