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Snack Dispensers - IDM Serving Better

When you use IDM's snack dispensers, serving snacks suddenly becomes a fun and savory treat! Everyone who installs IDM’s snack dispensers into their home or office immediately feels the effect; our easy to use, refillable snack dispensers  suit every type of snack and offer a unique portion control mechanism making everything so much simpler, cleaner, more hygienic, more cost effective, and most importantly – eco-friendly!

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Model Description - Wall Mounted #Item Specifications
HCD307 Single "Pro Serv": Wall Mounted 3.5Lt  9970-1-50 15Lx15Wx31H cm
Model Description - Free Standing #Item Specifications
D30 Triple "Pro Serv" Free Standing 5Lt 9911-3-50 48Lx28Wx65H cm 
ACD30  Triple "Pro Serv": Free Standing 4.5Lt 9915-3-50 43Lx28Wx71H cm
HCD303  Triple "Pro Serv" Stainless Steel 3.5Lt  9914-3 47Lx15Wx45H cm
HCD302 Double "Pro Serv" Stainless Steel 3.5Lt 9914-2  31Lx15Wx45H cm

IDM`s "Pro-Serv" snack dispensers were especially developed to meet both home and commercial needs, related to the way one contains and presents one's snack variety to whomever is there to enjoy it. Our creative team of technological developers has created a perfect product, which can be used as a snack dispenser for the office, home kitchen, exhibit stand, caterers, bars, and hotels – in all of which snacks are common refreshment that is eaten daily.

IDM`s snack dispensers are all about functionality and convenience, as we present you with the top solution for containing dry foods for fresh maintaining. Not only do the dispensers offer convenience of use, but they also feature graceful designs of buffet-like presentation. Our market`s number one leading dispensing product line, offers you - retailers, commercial businesses, and organizations a great way to store and serve breakfast cereal, nuts, peanuts, peas, common beans, cashew, and pecans – all freshly preserved and ready to be munched by eager mouths.

Snacks, as you all probably know, are a type of food to be eaten while enjoying a lingering pastime of leisure and as a treat, as they go wonderfully with a drink, with your morning breakfast, at an event reception, or during your workout as an energy buster. Now you can serve your favorite snacks in a simple to use and elegant manner, with the help of IDM`s wall mounted snack dispensers, which are elegantly placed upon the room walls, ready to be used when needed.

Whether you own a restaurant and whether you want to upgrade your home kitchen counter – our snack dispensers bring you a world of self-serve solutions, putting an emphasis on modern feel and top hygiene quality. Need some candy topping on top of your ice cream cone? Some granola in your yogurt or salad? Just give the knob a twist and enjoy a world of fresh flavor.