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IDM offers practical dry food dispensing solutions that cater to a wide range of companies and service providers from the food industry and beyond. A lot of thought has been put into developing the most effective solution that caters to every need and business domain. Over the past two decades and more, our experienced teams of product developers and engineers have been designing patented solutions for dispensing accurate portions of the entire range of dry foods, including cereals, granola, coffee, sugar, beans, loose leaves, spices, toppings, and an assortment of granules and powders.

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All our solutions, no matter the size, shape, or mechanism used, are hygienically designed for quick, convenient and easy dispensing – always keeping the food away from human touch. We pay special attention to aesthetics by offering a wide range of colors and attractive designs that are made to blend into the surrounding and enrich the food's appearance. 

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IDM's dispensing solutions are practically designed to save time and money throughout all stages of use. The dry food is always kept in a dry environment that keeps the moisture away and the food to last longer. With user experience in mind, the serving is always conveniently done by clicking or swiveling the lever with ease. We use only safe premium materials in our manufacturing processes. Together with our simple yet smart and rugged dispensing mechanisms for every use, our products are guaranteed to last with easy cleaning and practically no maintenance. 

IDM offers ready-made solutions as well as customized and branded solutions for companies that would like to preserve their brand's look and feel. We understand the nature of every business and cater to various food service companies, institutions, retail businesses and commercial companies that serve dry food on premise. So whether you operate a café, catering business, hotel chain or high tech company, our extensive product line has the solution to fit your needs – always keeping your brand, productivity, and quality of service in mind.

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