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Where would we be without spices? Nowhere interesting, probably. Spices… well, spice things up, so to speak. In order to precisely spice things up, you need some help. IDM's Spices Dispensers are your trusted side-kick when it comes to dispensing exact amount of freshly kept spices. Their smart yet simple portion control mechanism makes sure nothing goes to waste and nothing gets spilled. Their entire being is dedicated to making your life a bit easier. Have a look.

Model Description - Wall Mounted #Item Specifications
HPD2-BL Double "Click Dispenser" Wall 1.5Lt 8870-2-50 26Lx18Wx30H cm
HPD3-BL Triple "Click Dispenser" Wall Mounted 1.5Lt 8870-3-50 40Lx18Wx30H cm
Model Description - Free Standing #Item Specifications
DPD1-BL Single "Click Dispenser" Free Standing 1.5Lt 8810-1-50 14Lx18Wx45H cm
DPD2-BL Double "Click Dispenser" Free Standing 1.5Lt 8810-2-50 28Lx18Wx45H cm
DPD3-BL Triple "Click Dispenser" Free Standing 1.5Lt 8810-3-50 42Lx18Wx45H cm

What is life without some spice in it? Spice is that little extra flavor that can upgrade any bland meal into a whole new level of true culinary art. Each and every one of us has different favorites when it comes to spices - some like it sweet, some like it bitter, and some like it extra hot. The variety of spices is practically endless, from curry and ginger to vanilla and cinnamon and a thousand other different tastes, colors, and flavors. With such an abundance of spices that come from all over the world one can feel like they're traveling without even buying a ticket.

But the one thing your stay-at-home-spice-trip needs is IDM's spice dispenser. With IDM's spice dispensers you can now organize all of your spices, while maintaining a clean and hygienic working environment in your kitchen. We understand how important it is to be able to accurately measure the amount of spice that goes into the cooking pot, because over seasoning or under seasoning can ruin an entire meal, let alone accidentally using the wrong spice.

With the help of the smart portion control mechanism which is installed in all of our spice dispensers, you can measure and dispense the exact amount of seasoning to add to your food. This mechanism will help save you time cleaning up your work surface after adding the spices, which makes it the perfect fit for commercial use. IDM's commercial spice dispensers are the ultimate solution for professional kitchens, spice shops, and supermarkets, as they come in various sizes, capacities, and colors, and you can even decorate your business with beautifully designed wall mounted spice dispensers.

It’s time to let IDM's spice dispensers take you on a new and exciting adventure and enjoy the taste of the world’s best culinary adventures. You won’t regret it.