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Sprinkle Dispensers - IDM Serving Better

Here in IDM, a leading company in manufacturing and marketing industrial and private-use dispensers, we always enjoy having a little bit of fun. And boy, did we enjoy developing our ice cream sprinkle dispensers just for your needs.

There isn’t an ice cream cone or any kind of candy that is truly complete without some sprinkles on top of it. It’s a perfect combination that can put anyone in a good mood, as all you’ve left to do is to relish on the taste of it. While the toppings may be small, they come in so many colors and shapes, that it's almost impossible to choose which one you want to add to your sweet treat.

Sprinkles are unique by being so small and yet coming in all kinds of shapes. Due to their size, the task of pouring the exact desired portion of sprinkles on your ice cream without any unnecessary spills is nearly impossible. But thanks to IDM’s ice cream sprinkle dispenser, everything just became a lot easier. The smart portion control mechanism, which is installed inside our topping dispensers, is a special mechanism that ensures you’ll be able to pour just the right amount of sprinkles you wish to have on your treat.

The fact that you and your customers are able to control the amount of sprinkles from the dispensers, such as: cylinder, round, and colored sugar sprinkles, makes IDM dispensers the perfect fit for businesses such as ice cream parlors, frozen yogurt shops, and even candy stores, which are all places that are known for being packed with little children running around and sometimes causing a bit of a mess at the end of the day. When you can pour the exact amount of sprinkles as you wish, keeping your business nice and tidy, is easier than ever.
Model Description - Wall Mounted #Item Specifications
HCT3-1Lt Triple "Click Topping" Wall Mounted 1Lt 5575-3-52 40Lx11Wx29H cm
HCT3-1Lt Triple "Click Topping" Wall Mounted 1Lt 5575-3- 53 40Lx11Wx29H cm
HCT3-1Lt Triple "Click Topping" Wall Mounted 1Lt 5575-3- 54 40Lx11Wx29H cm