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Model Description - Wall Mounted #Item Specifications
HLP3-9L Triple "Pro Portion" Wall Mounted 9Lt 4474-3-53 15Lx15Wx95H cm
HLP2-13.5Lt Double "Pro Portion"  Wall Mounted 13.5Lt 4478-2-50 20Lx44Wx54H cm
HLP2-1.5Lt Double "Pro Portion" Wall Mounted  1.5Lt 4477-2-50 32Lx15W24H cm
HLP1-13.5L Single "Pro Portion" Wall Mounted   13.5  Lt 4478-1-53 20Lx22Wx54H cm
HLP1-9Lt Single "Pro Portion" Wall Mounted 9Lt 4474-1-50 15Lx15Wx95H cm
HLP1-5Lt Single "Pro Portion" Wall Mounted  5Lt 4471-1-50 15Lx15Wx46H cm
Model Description - Free Standing #Item Specifications
DLP1-5L Single "Pro Portion" Free Standing 5Lt 4411-1-50 16Lx20Wx55H cm
DLP1-1.5Lt Single "Pro Portion" Free Standing 1.5Lt 4417-1-50 16Lx20Wx35H cm
It doesn’t matter how much you try to organize your meals and eat healthy, chances are you would eventually find out that there is something missing in your nutrition, something essential for your health. That is the moment when nutrition supplements step into the picture.

The type of supplements you’ll use may vary according to the needs of your body and the goals you wish to achieve, and maybe, you’ll have to add several supplements to your nutrition (like powder drink mix, nutritional supplements, and more). But either way - it is important that the place you keep your supplements will keep and preserve both the nutritious aspects of the supplements and their quality.

IDM's industrial supplement dispensers were designed especially for that purpose and are able to preserve your supplements in the highest level, while not breaking or damaging supplements in capsules once you take them out of the dispenser. This special technique is possible due to a mechanism in the dispenser called "The Smart Portion Control Mechanism", which also allows you to dispense the exact amount you need to take every single day.

Whether you choose to have a free standing powder supplement dispenser or a wall mounted supplement dispenser in your gym, juice bar, vitamin shop, or even in the comfort of your own home, you can gain full control over your health. IDM's industrial supplement dispensers come in different colors, sizes, and capacities, which can help customize your dispensers especially for your business needs.

Our dispensers are also user-friendly, so the customers attending your shop will be able to help themselves and dispense as many supplements as they require or need. It’s time to take matters into your own hands. With our supplement dispensers you'll be able to keep your supplements in the best condition possible - healthy.