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  • There is something captivating about self-service food display. Something about its looks, its elegance, its beauty. And since customers can also participate in this beauty and play an actual role by creating their favorite dish on their plate, the result can be a superb experience. Once they are invited to your catering buffet or enter your supermarket, let them be their own boss and use your wonderful self-service dispensers.
    Control is Everything

    Not all people want to be served. Many of them want to create and choose their own food and raw materials by themselves. It is all about control. As a business owner, you probably know that you must answer your customers’ needs in order to get more active clients, resulting in greater profitability. Your customers need control. When selecting their favorite products, pouring the exact amount of spice powder, filling their bag with their snack of choice after tasting it and all of that on their own – that’s called control (and that's also called cost-efficiency!).
    Built to Impress

    What helps them gain control? Your well displayed dispensers of course. The dispensers are an important factor in your food business. Want to leave an impression on your customers and attract them to use your wonderful dispensers time and time again? Use and match the tools to your business’s agenda. For example: if you own a coffee shop based on the self-service concept, use coffee bean dispensers with the elegant design. Let your customers see what they are getting in their cup of coffee.

    As you well know, beauty is not enough. The dispensers must be efficient and user friendly. IDM dispensers make it all easier for you. We have created top notch dispensers for various needs and materials for you to choose from and for your customers to enjoy. Our innovative and efficient mechanism is felt in every device and grants control to the customer as well as the owner. Keep your stored food fresh, your dispensers hygienic and your customers happy by using IDM's dispensers – control the beauty.
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