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  • It's widely known that everyone loves ice cream. Ice cream parlor owners also know that a three-story tall tower of ice cream, topped with chocolate, fruits and vanilla with sprinkles, is every child’s dream! That is how they attract children and parents alike to buy their ice cream. But without a beautiful colorful display of the right toppings and the lovely dispensers to store and present the wide selection of toppings, the ice cream experience won’t be complete. Ice cream for life
    People are taught to love ice cream from childhood. This cold, sweet, colorful, rich taste delicacy is an absolute must for every child, young and adult. You find people lick it at birthday parties, friends' gatherings or just enjoying it in front of the television, while watching their favorite TV shows. Since its invention, it can be found pretty much everywhere, and it continues to evolve.
    Choose your favorite topping
    An ice cream isn’t perfect without your favorite topping on it. Think about it, people love ice cream. They love the icy sweetness of it and the variety of flavors of their personal preferences. But every time they get the ice cream cup into their hands, they feel that they are missing something.

    Complete the experience

    Give your clients something exciting to come back to. Show them a variety of toppings that they can choose from. What is their favorite? Is it candy? Granola? Nuts? Or maybe chocolate chips? Everything they want – you got to have it. A variety of toppings which can be easily seen and entice your client's senses will definitely add value to your ice cream parlor. But toppings must come with beautifully designed dispensers, because the fact is that people are first visually attracted to ice cream and toppings before they actually reach and buy the ice cream itself.


    The ideal ice cream comes naturally with the ideal topping dispenser.

    IDM's ice cream topping dispensers will complete the experience which you offer to your customers. Furthermore, they will prevent spills and unnecessary waste, and they will save you money. For private or commercial use, IDM's dispensers are the top choice for toppings. Warm peoples' hearts with icy ice cream, using the elegantly designed and efficient IDM topping dispensers.