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When toppings meet top notch solutions…Toppings make everything more yummy, everyone who's ever put chocolate sprinkles on their ice cream or toasted walnuts on their salad will be willing to swear it! The problem is that toppings love to make a mess and often end up on the floor or not where they're expected. This stops with IDM's beautifully designed topping dispensers – you get exactly what you want, exactly where you want it, and at the precise quantity you prefer it. Save time, money, and heartache – let our dispensers make your meal perfect.

Model Description - Wall Mounted #Item Specifications
HMPC1-1.5L Single "MultiX" Wall Mounted 1.5L 6677-1-50 15Lx15Wx24H cm
HCT3-5Lt P Triple "Click Topping" Wall Mounted 5Lt 6678-3-51 46.5Lx15.5Wx50H cm
HCT3-1Lt R Triple "Click Topping" Wall Mounted 1Lt 5575-3-51 40Lx11Wx29H cm
HCT3-1Lt G Triple "Click Topping" Wall Mounted 1Lt 5575-3- 52 40Lx11Wx29H cm
DH50 "Pro Serv" Wall Mounted 5Lt 9971-5-50 78.5Lx15.5Wx50H cm
DH30 "Pro Serv" Wall Mounted 5Lt 9971-3-50 46.5Lx15.5Wx50H cm
Model Description - Free Standing #Item Specifications
DMPC1-1.5L SIngle "Multi-X" Free Standing 1.5Lt 6617-1-50 16Lx20Wx35H cm
DMPC1-5L Single "Multi-X" Free Standing 5Lt 6611-1-50 16Lx20Wx55H cm
D50 "Pro Serv" Free Standing 5Lt 9911-5-50 82Lx28Wx65H cm
D30 Triple "Pro Serv" Free Standing 5Lt 9911-3-50 48Lx28Wx65H cm

IDM's main goal is to continuously revolutionize the field of dry foods containing and dispensing for private users, commercial clients, and retailers, a goal we have been achieving year after year since the company was founded. Now, IDM brings you the world`s first adjustable topping dispenser, which would change the way you handle food storing and dispensing from now on.

Now, any frozen yogurt shop can regain control over the toppings' portions they want to serve, by using IDM's yogurt topping dispensers. We do not need to be frustrated anymore by calculating the accurate portion size in order to provide our customers with a complete and enjoyable culinary experience. IDM relieves you of this hassle and provides you with full control over portion division done easily and accurately through adjustable topping dispensers. The high-end containers are yet another food storing solution IDM has created for our wide range of loyal customers around the globe, such as restaurants, yogurt bars, and ice cream parlors, developed especially to make your life simpler and much more comfortable. Those are the little details that make all the difference, and we at IDM take each and every parameter under consideration. So, the next time you have to choose between toppings, don`t - now you can have it all!

How? Well, up until now, containing dry food such as topping ingredients has been managed in an old fashion kind of way, as the toppings were contained in plain dispensers. Then came along our creative think tank of developers, marketing wizards, and dedicated engineers and created a new, upgraded, and innovative type of dry topping dispenser product line.

No more need for generally assessing quantities of ingredients and no more preventing yourself from enjoying a full and complete bundle of toppings. Our Multi X topping dispenser offers our users several sizes of food portions that perfectly match the topping they are containing. These, may be sprinkles, chocolate chips, nuts, or cookie crumbs – we have the perfect solution for every need, for every pallet. Tasting it all is no longer a sweet sin, it is only sweet…