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  • Being able to serve many guests in the food industry is never easy. Add the time factor to the amount of people that turn up during rush hour – and it will be easier to understand why it always ends up with messy counters, food spills, and wasted food which cost the business a lot of money. But fortunately, there's a solution – IDM's dispensers.

    1… 2… 3 – Serve!

    If you are looking for a commercial food dispenser that will make your restaurant work better and by that provide your guests with a great service, and save you money and time – then it is time to stop looking. With only three simple clicks – your employees and guests will be able to dispense the exact amount of food needed. Our triple food dispensers are also user-friendly, meaning that it can also be an ideal solution for any restaurant that offers a buffet service. So, start counting down to three – because with the help of our commercial food dispensers, everything just got a lot easier.

    Make Some Room

    How many people go through your restaurant during rush hour? How many guests do you receive at your hotel during summer time? Does it ever feel too crowded? Well, let IDM's dry food dispensers help you make some room! Whether you choose our wall mounted dispensers or our table dispensers – you’ll gain more space and room for your business, rush hour or not. Call us today!