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  • At IDM, we realize that businesses have different needs which call for different utilities and functionalities. Staying tuned in to market needs for over two decades, our experienced product development team has designed a most extensive line of dry food dispensers that is second to none in terms of uses, applications and user experience. With unrivaled precision, our measured portion and portion-controlled dispensers serve all dry food varieties, including snacks, cereals, coffee, fine powders, candies, loose tea leaves, you name it. Whether you own a small coffee shop, manage a hotel chain, or are simply in charge of employee welfare at your office, IDM has just the right functionality for you.

    We believe dry food dispenser should blend seamlessly with the kitchen environment, without interrupting the workflow or taking up unnecessary space. Since every business establishment has specific needs and preferences, we offer dispensers in different structural designs and internal serving mechanisms that perfectly suit the type of food being served – in just the right amount and with no food wasted. For many businesses such as restaurants, caterers or retail stores, the time it takes to serve exact portions is especially crucial. Our variety of portion-controlled dispensers will get the job done quickest in a simple swivel or click of a nozzle. 

    With innovation and flexibility in mind, IDM has developed functional solutions for any type of business or food serving environment. Our wall-mounted dispensers can be easily fixed on just about any wall to save precious space in supermarkets and ice cream stores serving spices, toppings, and more. In certain kitchen settings, our counter-top dispenser make the ideal solution, while in other cases, customers prefer the free-standing models that can be carried anywhere.

    IDM provides both easy serving and self-serving solutions. Our novel Multix model is the world's first adjustable portion control dispenser, enabling users to manually adjust five portion sizes. For foods sold by weight or those who prefer to determine their own portion, our free flowing dispensers provide all the control necessary to pour the food with ease and stop it with precision.