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  • Having dry food dispensers at your store doesn’t necessarily mean you need to place them on top of a table that will take more room than needed. There is also a simpler solution that can help you save some room and make the store feel more spacious. Ever heard of IDM’s wall mounted dispensers?

    More Space for More Customers

    Our wall mounted dispensers can be installed on any wall at your store, leaving aisles more comfortable and spacious for customers to walk through. But even though it may look as though a wall mounted dispenser is the perfect solution only for small businesses – it can fit large businesses as well, by giving them a nice and elegant touch. IDM's wall mounted dispensers are available with a unique mechanism, called smart portion control mechanism, that helps your customers control the portions they serve themselves and helps prevent spills and waste. So not only do you save space while installing our wall mounted dispensers, you also save time and money cleaning and refilling wasted food.

    Make It Your Own

    A wall mounted dispenser can provide any store with a unique style, but it's also important to fit it to the store's vision and décor. With the variety of capacities, sizes, designs, and colors we offer – you can now take any of our wall mounted dispensers and truly make it your own.

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