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  • Hotel owner, ever wondered why many people love hotels? Is it the service? Is it the atmosphere? Is it the good food? Or maybe it is all those three combined? Whatever the reason may be, it makes people happy, and that’s the most important thing about it. But if you look closely, you will see that happiness is derived from the little details. A hotel’s dinner is a great example for that.
    Preparing for a Feast

    Many guests judge hotels by their dining room. The food, the cutlery, the service, the atmosphere, all of those affect their opinion about the dinner itself and the hotel in general. That is why preparing the area before the guests come in is an absolute necessity. When you treat your dining room as a place to have a feast at, it will definitely look and feel that way. And by noticing the guests’ reactions, you will immediately notice their gratitude and appreciation.

    Tonight, We Dine in Heaven

    Many guests that stay at hotels for one night or more, mostly for pleasure reasons, are familiar with that feeling of excitement right before they make their way towards the main dining room. Especially if it’s their first night at the hotel. They are in their room, preparing themselves for dinner: putting on their finest clothes and perfumes, as though they are going out on a special date. Now, it is up to you, as the hotel owner, to deliver them that experience they're expecting and looking for.

    A Dispenser to Remember

    Before presenting the great food of your number 1 chef, show off with an elegant device that contains the food. IDM provides you with state of the art salad topping dispensers that are as beautifully designed as they are easy to use - a dispenser featuring a precise portion control mechanism that will leave your guests content. The salad topping dispenser is a great example of a world class dispenser used in a world class hotel.
    Want to blow your guests minds at dinner? Give them IDM's salad topping dispenser and their appreciation will be shown immediately.