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  • A gym’s coffer bar is not the regular coffee bar that we're all used to, which offers coffee and pastries, since the gym’s coffee bar is supposed to cater to those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle that combines following a strict diet and a workout routine. That is why you need to make sure that the menu that is served at your gym’s coffee bar contains serval ingredients that your customers expect to find. In other words – here are the main things you should sell at your gym's coffee bar.

    Energy Bars

    It may seem small and unimportant, but it is a basic product in any gym, as for many of your customers energy bars are the perfect treat after a long workout. It can provide them a quick solution in case they’re feeling hungry, it can restore their energy, and it can resolve their craving for something sweet. That’s why you need to have a variety of energy bars for your customers to choose from, whenever they may feel like it.

    Smoothies and Natural Juices

    Another important thing to have at your gym’s coffee bar is a selection of smoothies and natural juices that your customers can have after they complete their workout. It is healthy, it is strengthening, and when combined with protein powder, it is also nutritious - all the things that your customers are looking for when it comes to post-training beverages and food. You do however, need to be careful with the amount of protein powder your baristas are using while preparing smoothies. You can help them control that amount, simply by using a protein shake dispenser at your coffee bar. The portion control mechanism installed inside the industrial protein dispenser can help your baristas prepare better and healthier smoothies for your customers.

    Healthy Sandwiches

    For the customers who do wish to have something to eat after finishing their workout, your gym’s coffee bar can offer some healthy sandwiches, made of whole wheat breads, sprouts, lettuce, and basically a variety of vegetables you can mix and match. You can also offer some salads with various healthy toppings (which can also be kept in topping dispensers).