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  • So you have a spacious, modern gym filled with the best and newest equipment, and people from all over town, young and old, come to your gym on a daily basis. Sounds of moaning and weight lifting fill the air, and pump up music gives them the right motivation for their workout. Congratulations! You've managed to create the perfect atmosphere for working out. But did you think about the end of their workout? Give them a reason to come back to your gym! Want to know how? Here are few ideas.

    Pumping iron

    Working out is part of the daily or weekly routine of many people who have made their neighborhood gym their second home. For the gym owner, knowing how to create the perfect “home like” atmosphere and training community is not easy, but comes with great rewards. Doing so successfully and efficiently is a hard workout session on its own.
    Be innovative

    If you want your gym members to feel at home, give them something special to remember you by. Every gym owner is familiar with this phenomenon: after a good workout, the client feels tired, then reaches into their bag to pull out a protein shake for recovery. Each person for themselves. But this is where your innovative thinking can come into play.
    Power dispensers

    A world class gym must have world class protein dispensers! With IDM's protein dispensers you too will enhance your gym with beauty, elegance and most importantly – convenient solutions for your gym members. Our wall mounted protein dispensers are suitable for all kinds of powders. Install the dispensers in a special place at the gym for all to see and envy with their beautiful design and style. You can even create a protein-bar – where all your customers can get their daily shakes or portions!

    Designed perfectly to dispense the exact recommended portions, IDM's protein dispensers will stun your community of gym members and give them a worthwhile experience and a feeling they're getting their money's value. We promise you, they will definitely come back for more!