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  • Everybody loves a good yogurt. But even more than that, everybody loves a delicious yogurt with even more delicious toppings. Now here lay both the problem and the opportunity. When hurrying employees or careless customers have to serve yogurt toppings (or any other thing for that matter), they tend to create a mess. This mess may include spills of toppings, oversized servings that result in waste, and the like. If only there was a solution to prevent these ails and offer even more benefits?
    Meet IDM`s dispensers – the perfect solution for industrial, commercial, or private use. Customized solutions can also be tailored for a broad list of products regarding numerous physical properties with options like salad topping dispensers, powder and sugar dispensers, commercial cereal dispensers, and even tea leaf dispensers. Big or small, IDM has a solution for your business.
    A Solution for Every Need

    Using one of IDM's many dispensers is using a customized designed solution for your business. Whether we are talking about an industrial supplement dispenser for a gym`s bar or an ice cream sprinkle dispenser for an ice cream truck, IDM has the answer ready at hand.

    Our dispensers meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses, from the smallest local boutique eateries to commercial kitchens in large hotels and catering services. But having a variety of solutions isn’t enough, you have to offer that extra special something. IDM`s innovative portion control mechanism offers highly accurate servings. This highly efficient mechanism facilitates cost reduction, waste prevention, and higher customer satisfaction.
    Hygiene and food quality are golden standards that serve as guidelines for our products. Our dispensers are customized and designed to store foods in the best sanitary conditions, maintaining freshness and food quality. Furthermore, our dispensers are designed to be easily maintained and cleaned, as well as to dispose dry foods efficiently without spilling and creating a mess, contributing to a clean work environment.