Case Study: IDM DLP1-1.5L Protein Dispenser Revolutionizes Nutrition Program for Zebre Parma Rugby

In the highly competitive world of professional rugby, every aspect of player performance is crucial. Zebre Parma Rugby, a prominent Italian rugby team, recently implemented the IDM DLP1-1.5L protein powder dispenser as part of their nutrition program. This case study examines the impact of this innovative dispensing solution on the team's nutritional strategy and overall performance.

Protein Powder Dispensers: The Game-Changer in Zebre Parma Rugby's Nutritional Strategy


Zebre Parma Rugby needed a reliable and efficient method to ensure precise protein supplementation for their players. Consistency in nutrition is vital for maintaining peak physical condition and supporting recovery, especially in a high-impact sport like rugby.


The team integrated the IDM DLP1-1.5L protein powder dispenser into their training facility. This state-of-the-art dispenser offers several key features that address the team's needs:

  1. Precise portioning: Ensures each player receives an exact, predetermined amount of protein powder.
  2. User-friendly interface: Simplifies the process of obtaining supplements for players and staff.
  3. Hygienic dispensing: Minimizes the risk of contamination, a critical factor in shared athletic environments.
  4. Sleek, space-efficient design: Fits seamlessly into the team's gym and nutritional areas.


The DLP1-1.5L dispenser was installed in the team's primary training facility, making it easily accessible to players before and after training sessions and matches. Nutritionists and coaching staff worked together to determine optimal protein serving sizes for each player based on their position, body composition, and training regimen.

Precision meets performance: Protein powder dispensers boost Zebre Parma's training efficiency


Since implementing the IDM DLP1-1.5L protein powder dispenser, Zebre Parma Rugby has observed several positive outcomes:

  1. Improved consistency in protein intake across the team
  2. Reduced waste of protein powder due to precise portioning
  3. Increased compliance with nutritional plans among players
  4. Time savings for both players and staff in supplement preparation
  5. Enhanced hygiene standards in the team's nutritional practices

Player Feedback:

Players have reported high satisfaction with the new system, citing its ease of use and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they're receiving the exact amount of protein needed for their individual requirements.


The integration of the IDM DLP1-1.5L protein powder dispenser has significantly streamlined Zebre Parma Rugby's nutritional program. By ensuring precise, hygienic, and convenient protein supplementation, the team has taken a substantial step in optimizing player performance and recovery.

This case study demonstrates how innovative dispensing solutions like the IDM Pro-Portion line of powder dispensers, can play a crucial role in professional sports nutrition, potentially offering similar benefits to other athletic organizations and fitness facilities.