Simplify the way you distribute your dry food with this patented HMPC1-4.5L Organic & Dry Food dispenser, equipped with a single canister, wall mounted, 4.5 liter 'SAN' container.

This revolutionary organic & dry food dispenser is the best solution for portioning dry food. It is suitable for many sorts of organic food, grains, seeds, cereal, snacks, toppings, loose tea and more, and can be used in Zero waste stores, buffets, candy shops, office breakrooms, ice cream parlors, yoghurt stands and restaurants. It offers a 4.5 liter 'SAN' container perfect for medium size storage of dry food, and it allows FIFO flow so the first stock in is the first stock out. This way you are always getting the freshest food.

HMPC1-4.5L organic & dry food dispenser comes with a portion control kit that can dispense 10cc / 15cc / 20cc / 30cc / 35cc's per serving (adjustable) so you can pre-set it to the portion you want and dispense your food, in a tidy & hygienic way while keeping the portions moderate to maximize efficiency. You can easily set each container to dispense a different portion according to the food you fill it with:

10cc = 2 teaspoons
15cc = 1 tablespoon
20cc = 4 teaspoons
30cc = 2 tablespoons
35cc = 7 teaspoons 

The patented "Multi-X" mechanism is super easy to use, all you need to do is to swipe the handle, and the pre-set portion will be dispensed.  No more sticky fingers on your food or sneezes around it! No more overflow of food on your countertops! Keep your food in a sealed, transparent magnificent dispenser!

Thanks to its sealed lift-top lid it keeps the food fresh for longer and with its easy to hang wall mounting brackets, it can save you valuable space while eliminating waste of packaging and un-fresh stock.

HMPC1-4.5L is BPA free and complies with FDA and EU food contact regulations.

It is also available in a 1.5-liter, 9-liter and 13.5-liter capacity, in triple set or on a stand.

If that is not enough, we will be happy to customize any other capacity that you would like.

Technical info:

  • "Multi-x" Mechanism
  • 1 x SAN Container
  • Wall mounted
  • Capacity: 5 Lt. container
  • Size: 15Lx15Wx47H cm
  • Weight: 1.3Kg