5 Essentials for Your Kitchen Counter

Your kitchen counter might house a state-of-the-art coffee machine, your favorite colander and your cookbook stand, but it might be a dumping ground for mail, homework and every pen that's ever crossed the threshold. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Make your kitchen counter a place worthy of your neighbor's exclamations. Here are 5 essentials to wow your kitchen counter:

1. A Designer Bread Box

Storing bread that's not going to be eaten right away, and you don’t want to use the freezer, will require a bread box. Choose a colorful design which fits in with other items in your kitchen but make sure it has vents to keep the humidity in the box just right and lets some of the moisture escape.

2. Mixer

A colorful mixer can do wonders for your kitchen counter and it's an important kitchen appliance. You can have a whole section on your counter for your mixer, a rolling pin and cake and pastry shapes. Something you enjoy should be close at hand.

3. Toaster

There are lovely designs on the market today for toasters. You can get mini toasters for one piece of bread or extra-large designs for four pieces or more. Keep the toaster next to your designer bread box, so it's within reach, for a toasting treat.

4. Utensils Container

A container for your tall utensils is perfect, sitting right next to the stove, so you can reach for your wooden spoon and micro plane lemon zest grater, just when you need them. Get one that says 'Utensils' on it to store all the utensils you use when you cook, there at the ready.  

5. IDM dispensers

An IDM dispenser deserves a spot on your kitchen counter. You can get rid of your kitchen scales when it comes to flour, salt, and sugar. Your IDM dispenser can hold all of these ingredients, as well as cereal (rainbow colored ones for more effect) and more and deliver perfectly measured portions. There's no spillage either with IDM's click dispenser and a custom-made design is easy to fulfill.
Your counter has never looked so delicious. With the bread box, mixer, toaster, utensils container and your IDM dispenser, you'll want to spend more time in the kitchen. Be colorful—be happy with IDM!