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Collaborating with key members of diverse fields and industries is an essential element of IDM’s daily operations. Since our establishment in 1995, we have developed and nurtured mutually beneficial partnerships with hundreds of partners in 50 countries across the globe. Together, we provide end-users and consumers with fresh, hygienic, economical and environmental-friendly solutions for acquiring the dry foods they crave, with greater functionality and accessibility than ever before! Join us and discover how you can serve your customers better.

Architects & Interior Designers

Every establishment within the food industry, big or small, starts off with a planning stage. At IDM, we’re proud to partner with leading architects and interior designers to help integrate functionality and style into retail stores, restaurants, food courts, office break rooms, and more - from the get-go. Whether you’re designing a health food store and are in need of portion-controlled dispensers for seeds and nuts, are working on a candy shop and looking for a display as colorful as the sweet treats themselves, or are in search of a sleek display for your client’s showroom or exposition booth, we will flexibly customize the ideal solution for you. Let’s join together to design the dry food display of your customers’ dreams.

Organic and Health Food Suppliers

These days, healthy food is what it's all about - and we want to help you supply your every customer’s demands for fresh, healthy and hygienic food products. Our innovative, patented dry food dispensers portion out all kinds of health food products - seeds, nuts, powders, and more. They also eliminate single-use plastic and packaging waste, so your health and environmentally-conscious customers can feel good about buying great foods in bulk while keeping it eco-friendly. A win-win-win for you, your customers and for the environment! Partner with us to dispense a more holistic solution for zero waste stores, organic food stores and health food suppliers. 

Food Manufacturers

IDM has a long history of great, mutually beneficial partnerships with leading international food manufacturers, such as Kellogs, Nestle, Unilever, Starbucks and many more. Together, we present great products and great eats to end-users around the world. We’d like to invite you to join our collaboration family. United, we can increase your brand’s reach and satisfy more customers’ cravings for great fresh food, in exactly the controlled portion they seek, maximizing your value for money. After all, who doesn’t want their food brand associated with the best possible user experience?

Wholesalers & Distributors

IDM has a long and fruitful relationship with leading resellers & distributors all over the world. We have partnerships with leading caterers, hospitality suppliers, food & beverage wholesalers, vending & retail suppliers and even office supplier. IDM's wide variety of mechanisms offers a unique solution to every industry's specific needs. We invite you to collaborate with us and join the IDM team of resellers and enjoy our reseller program. To become an IDM reseller, Click Here.

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