Who we are

A family owned business established in 1995

IDM Ltd. is a pioneering dry food dispenser manufacturer and marketer focused on meeting industry needs through innovation. Over the past three decades, our experienced product developers and mechanical engineers have designed patented dispensing solutions for precision portion control and free food flow – maximizing efficiency and convenience while keeping food fresher for long periods. All our products are manufactured from premium materials in full compliance with international standards as FDA, and EU regulations. 

Meeting your specific needs

Customized and ready-made dispensers

IDM caters to all clients who need dry food dispensers on premise – from homes to workplaces and foodservices. With presence in over 70 countries worldwide, our leading clients and OEMs include Kellogg's, Nestle, Unilever, Starbucks, Disney and Pizza Hut. We take pride in our serving solutions for leading hotel chains such as Marriott, Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Sheraton, Best Western, Club Med, among others.

Our Vision

Instilling simple habits in people and knowing that we have been able to improve their lives every single day. We aim to promote the values we care about, values such as hygiene, professionalism and friendliness to the environment. "We look forward to the day when our products are used in every successful business, in every country around the world."

A Blast from the past

How it all started...

We all love dry food, from breakfast cereals to candies. But let's face it, once the box is opened, keeping it fresh is a losing battle. Things get even more complicated for restaurants and businesses, where freshness and consistent servings are a must. So back in 1995, our founding father had an idea that was set to transform dry food serving altogether. We called the first one "OCD" (Ofer Cereal Dispenser) which took the market by storm and set a new standard in dry food dispensing.

Inventing and reinventing food dispensers for nearly 25 years -

The IDM story begins with a brilliant food-saving Idea that quickly turned into Design and Manufacture. But being first only marked the beginning of our journey. For nearly 30 years, we have focused our energy on growing the global dry food dispensers industry – pushing it forward with inspiring new products and practical design.